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The Terom industrial complex is a very large urban area in the city of Iasi. Consisting of mostly derelict  factories and warehouses the area has a huge potential in urban regeneration terms. The aim of the project consisted in transforming radically the industrial area by creating a new layer of urban public spaces and several commercial office buildings as well as galleries and exhibition spaces this way compensating the lack of this kind of facilities in the area.

The Terom Office building is a case study on one of the buildings, as part of the large urban regeneration of the Terom derelict industrial area. The existing modular prefabricated structure of an abandoned factory has created the framework for developing a concept of spatial reconfiguration in order to provide adequate office spaces, commercial facilities, exhibition spaces and an auditorium. The formal dynamism of the composition and the colours are meant to break the monotony of the existing built environment and to animate the surrounding area.

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