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‘The forgotten stories of traditional costumes from the Asian cultures and the mixture of genders brought the Black Euphoria collection to life. Each texture and structure on the garments brings life and movement to the monochrome collection, creating a new take on the traditional attire. Through the exploration of the Kimono meaning ‘A thing to wear’, Black Euphoria focuses on creating looks that are ageless and timeless with no restrictions to the five W’s. Another strong characteristic of the collection is its use of the cube neckline that is a conceptual frame that liberates you to think beyond the box. Black Euphoria is a celebration of androgyny, mixing structural tailoring and geometric lines, against elegantly draped fabrics. CLON8’s Black Euphoria is a collection of creative thinking that acknowledges and discards the accepted pattern to create new ideas.’ Angelika Chilikova

CLON8 Garment. Photo: Hektor Kowalski

Photo: Sebastian Heroiu

CLON8  Garment. Photo: Hektor Kowalski. Edit: Nicholas Kallonas

Monochrome is a conceptual fashion label that unifies art and design with couture. At present, fashion designer, Anya Kamarek, works in collaboration with Hektor Kowalski, who stands as creative director and visual artist for Monochrome. The label’s collections mirror the unique and tailored aesthetic shared by Anya and Hektor, as well as their ambition to combine contemporary fashion with the various art forms that drive them. With its signature collaborative approach MONOCHROME develops imaginative ways of spawning distinctive visual forms and tangible formations applying geometrical and bespoke pattern cutting. The result is a uniquely tailored design unifying craft with functionality, counter-balanced with a keen eye for detail and quality.

MONOCHROME Garment. Photo: Hektor Kowalski

*Special thanks to CLON8 & MONOCHROME and everyone involved.

Designers: Angelika Chilikova, Anya Kamarek.

Photography: Hektor Kowalski, Sebastian Heroiu.

Model: Andreea Paduraru.

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