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MC/3 is a new iteration of the prototypical research on modular structures, as part of the Minimal Complexities series. Form-finding algorithms are used to generate periodic minimal surface geometries that are then materialised through an assembly process driven by modularity and repetition of a small set of components. Based on a Hybrid minimal surface, the structure is made of 70 sets of 7 different pieces, digitally cut styrene fixed with aluminium rivets.

Special thanks to Roxana Gibescu and Ilina Schileru and many thanks to everyone involved in the assembly process: Sorina Tigaeru & Ciprian Teodorescu – team coordinators and Ovidiu Pur, Elena G., George Dimitriu, Elisabeta Casu, Gloria Maciuca, Teodora Badicu, Antonia Ispas, Vlad Bleotu, Anca Bostina, Jamie Watson and Veronica Ochoa.

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