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Minimal Complexity has been exhibited at the London Festival of Architecture as part of the 2012 International Architecture and Design Showcase organized by the British Council in collaboration with The Architecture Foundation, NLA and RIBA London. Presented by the Romanian Cultural Institute in London, the exhibition and related events took place in the main Atrium of the Granary Building at the Central Saint Martin’s College in Kings Cross from the 25th of June until the 4th of August 2012. Special thanks to Simona Nastac (Romanian Cultural Institute) for the help and support and many thanks to: Tamara Horbacka, Lauren McKirdy ( British Council), Moira Laiscelles ( The Architecture Foundation), Brigitte Brown (Argent/ King’s Cross), Ovidiu Frunza (Barhale), Matthew Nickerson and Lydia Cowpertwait (Hoxton Art Gallery), Richard Scott ( Surface Architects).

Photos: Rebeca Stelea



Following the first assembly in Houston by Tex-Fab, Minimal Complexity has been dis-assembled down to each piece of the almost 2400 aluminium components and shipped to London. The re-assembly process took almost a week for the sets of components and two long days for the final round in the Atrium of the Central Saint Martins.  Assembly Team: Alex Bulygin, Ana Dabija, Anghelos Chronis, Camelia Sabău, Ciprian Danciu, Guy Woodhouse, Jakob Lund, Joanne Edmunds, Konstantinos Mouratidis, Lorena Condrut, Mihai Petrosianu, Mike McKenzie, Mike Hutchinson, Monica Madas, Rahul Vishwakarma ,Radu Stoica, Sebastian Heroiu, Suzanne Gaballa, Toma Albacan, Thanos Loukadounos, Trine Alsen Vittrup.  Many thanks for the help and incredible efforts of everyone involved! Moments of the construction and the opening event have been captured by Sebastian Heroiu into an amazing short film:

‘BIRTH OF A SCULPTURE’ a film by Sebastian Heroiu



Following the London Festival of Architecture,  Minimal Complexity has been exhibited at the London Design Festival 2012 within the second part of the International Architecture and Design Showcase organized by the British Council. Presented by the Romanian Cultural Institute in London and promoted by Hoxton Art Gallery, the piece has been showcased in the main atrium of 201 Bishopsgate at Broadgate starting the 6th  of August until the 6th of October 2012.  Assembly Team : Alex Bulygin, Ana Dabija, Radu Stoica, Guy Woodhouse, Paschalis Lagias ,Dimitra Kyrkou, Thomas Metzitis, Jerome Quiles, Joe Crawford, Veronica Ochoa, Stella Dourtmes, George Dourtmes, Mike Hutchinson, Otilia Nuta, Mihaita Varzari, Cristina Delice. Many thanks to the amazing assembly team that broke the time record for the assembly: only 6 hours!


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