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Corolla 2.7.A is the latest iteration of the ‘Synthetic Nature’ series, a collection of prototypes born of an ongoing research into the genesis of form and space. The analogy with the molecular behavior of soap films informs the research method, which involves nature inspired algorithms and geometric constraints. Focusing on periodic minimal surfaces, the design process challenges the concepts of symmetry and repetition, creating modular continuous surfaces that are infinitely expandable.

The Corolla series is increasing the inherent properties of these minimal surfaces by introducing a new concept of structural ornament. Alluding to botanical references, the components are augmented by petals creating ‘push and pull’ connections which define a very complex tensegrity system, allowing for a large lightweight piece with a remarkable structural integrity. The resulting prototype opens-up opportunities at various scales in architecture, product and fashion design. Following the biological model taxonomy, the collection challenges the notion of artifact through creating a series of morphological design species.

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