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Presented by Soho Myriad, Minimal Complexity has been exhibited at Sleep Hotel 2013 in London, as part of the Sleep Set Bar – exclusively designed by Nous Design. Vlad Tenu has teamed up with Soho Myriad and with Nir Gilad, the creative director of Nous, in order to re-configure and smoothly integrate the award winning structure into the pavilion’s exquisite design, by incorporating feature lighting by Megaman.

Due to the specific modularity of the structure, the previous Minimal Complexity configuration has efficiently been re-adapted to a new site specific setup. The structure has become a pivotal element of the exhibition space, a rippling surface with a strong horizontal emphasis, floating alongside the VIP champagne bar area and complementing the space through a soft game of lights and projected shadows.

*Special thanks to Petek Sketcher, Caitlin Nisos, Nir Gilad and many thanks to Kieran Legg and the team at Wilmott Dixon.

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