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Cosmic Bubble is an installation produced for CLON8‘s latest A/W 2015 collection launched at the Paris Fashion Week in March 2015. As a response to the collection’s inspiration coming from the desire for space exploration, the piece addresses the utopian scenario of space colonisation and the idea of a ‘wearable micro-climate’, alluding to the evolution of a space suit to a plasmatic micro-atmospheric bubble. It is imagined to be an adaptive layer that is detached from the body but gravitates around the human silhouette and changes shape in a similar manner a meta-blobby soap film would do, maintaining an enclosed volume of air.
The design is influenced by early science-fiction or space artists such as Don Davis or Syd Mead, exploring a process of form finding around the human body as a synthesis of the symmetrical, the centrifugal and the gravitational. The prototype is conceived in line with the constraints of budget and transportability, being designed as a flat pack component assembly system, with a minimum weight and dimensions needed to achieve the 2.1m tall transparent bubble. The transparency is a key element of the installation which has dictated the need for designing a  fastener free bespoke connection system between the pieces of the assembly, maintaining a pristine clear volatile appearance of the piece.
“The desire for space exploration, the enchanting allure of science fiction, and Jodorowsky’s ‘Dune’ illustrations have inspired ‘2815’ the Autumn/Winter 2015 collection. ‘2815’ is a retro-futuristic response, which explores the tension between tailoring and easy-wear, the future and the past, the alien and the earthly, while evolving a coexistence with a newly created species. This species is from an imaginary world of fantastic flora and fauna, which have enriched our human shapes with the evolution of printed, woven, and knitted bodies.” CLON8


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