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Vlad Tenu has participated in the City Centre’s Youth Programme, an educational initiative by City Centre in collaboration with AHMM. Over the course of five workshops during May, a group of fifteen aspiring architects and engineers aged 14-19 have been given the opportunity to learn about architecture, engineering and construction as well as develop their design skills. Working with architects from AHMM, engineers from ARUP and contractors from Knight Harwood, the students had the chance to design and build an installation using  Mini-Plex – a modular assembly system conceived by Vlad Tenu.

Included in London Festival of Architecture 2017, the final installation took shape in Paternoster Square on the 2nd of June. The architects, engineers, contractors and the students worked together to assemble the temporary structure. The students have also engaged with members of the public, demonstrating them how to build with the Mini-Plex system. The pop-up structure has been a very successful addition to the square, a dynamic element  contrasting with the historical background of St Paul’s Cathedral. The structure remained there until the 23rd of June and received great responses as well as a high level of interaction with the public.


*Many thanks to AHMM’s Partnership Group for the support and the huge number of colleagues at AHMM getting involved in the assembly and final installation! Special thanks to City Centre, Arup and Knight Harwood as well as all the participating students!


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