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Vlad Tenu has participated in the City Centre’s Youth Programme, an educational initiative by City Centre in collaboration with AHMM. Over the course of five workshops during May, a group of fifteen aspiring architects and engineers aged 14-19 have been given the opportunity to learn about architecture, engineering and construction as well as develop their […]

Vlad Tenu has been invited to create an installation for the newest Autumn/Winter 2015 collection of the brand CLON8. Entitled ‘2815’, the collection is a retro-futuristic response inspired by the desire for space exploration. In line with the collection’s sources of inspiration, the proposed piece is entitled COSMIC BUBBLE and   addresses the utopian scenario of […]

PROCESS. An Exhibition of Visionary Architecture and Generative Design SOHO FuXing Plaza, Shanghai, China 1 – 16 November 2014 The exhibition is presented by EUSight. Supported by EUMake in collaboration with SOHO China. PROCESS explores the evolving nature of the contemporary design methodologies and their various conceptual and material connotations. The exhibition brings together for […]

‘Glimpses of Infinite Symmetry’ is Vlad Tenu’s latest solo exhibition that opened on the 4th of February 2014 at Galateca – a contemporary art gallery in the heart of Bucharest. This show brings together most of his previous works and prototypes, as well as a new piece designed specially for this event. The launch of […]

Presented by Soho Myriad, Minimal Complexity has been exhibited at Sleep Hotel 2013 in London, as part of the Sleep Set Bar – exclusively designed by Nous Design. Vlad Tenu has teamed up with Soho Myriad and with Nir Gilad, the creative director of Nous, in order to re-configure and smoothly integrate the award winning […]

Vlad Tenu is taking part of the EBienale –  the International Contemporary Art Biennale within the George Enescu International Festival – 21st edition. Curated by Ilina Schileru and Roxana Gibescu, the Festival’s Sculpture Garden’ gathers various art pieces and installations around the foyers of the concert halls and music venues within the Enescu Festival, between […]

Vlad Tenu has collaborated with Extracts London to design a new prototypical solution for an urban beehive for The Honey Club – founded by Wollf Ollins and Global Generation. In contrast to the traditional hive structure, the Honey Club Hive has been designed as a home for the bees rather than for honey farming. Following […]

‘The forgotten stories of traditional costumes from the Asian cultures and the mixture of genders brought the Black Euphoria collection to life. Each texture and structure on the garments brings life and movement to the monochrome collection, creating a new take on the traditional attire. Through the exploration of the Kimono meaning ‘A thing to […]

SYNTHETIC NATURE – Prototypical Explorations of Spatial Morphology 17th July – 27th October 2013 Synthetic Nature is a collection of prototypes born of holistic research into the genesis of form and space. The self-organization of matter, conservation of energy, equilibrium and notions of minimal complexity are concepts that have driven the creative process, a symbiotic […]

MC/2* has been part of A FEW MORE FRIENDS, an exhibition curated by Will Alsop. Following the success of A FEW FRIENDS in 2011, the event brought together a mix of artists, architects, designers, writers and film makers among which we could mention All Design, Jean Nouvel, Expedition or Buro Happold. The exhibition took place […]

AUGUST – OCTOBER 2012 201 BISHOPSGATE, LONDON Minimal Complexity has been exhibited at the London Design Festival 2012 within the second part of the International Architecture and Design Showcase organized by the British Council. Presented by the Romanian Cultural Institute in London and promoted by Hoxton Art Gallery, the piece has been showcased in the […]

JUNE – AUGUST 2012. GRANARY BUILDING CENTRAL SAINT MARTINS COLLEGE OF ARTS AND DESIGN KINGS CROSS, LONDON Minimal Complexity has been exhibited at the London Festival of Architecture as part of the 2012 International Architecture and Design Showcase organized by the British Council in collaboration with The Architecture Foundation, NLA and RIBA London. Presented by […]

With the kind support of Surface, MC/2* – the  latest  prototype of the Minimal Complexities series of structures, has been inaugurated on the occasion of an Open House event as part of the Digital Shoreditch Festival 2012 on the 24th of May 2012. Organised by Surface with Momentum Engineering and Vlad Tenu, the exhibition showcased  examples of […]

  Launched with a keynote lecture Thursday February 10th 2011 by Branko Kolarevic, Chair in Integrated Design at the University of Calgary, TEX-FAB 2.0 began its second event to great success. Well over 100 attendees from across the US, Mexico and the UK attended the Friday lecture series and weekend workshops hosted at the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture at […]

1 July – 1 October 2010 Arup Phase2 Gallery London    

As part of the Digital Hinterlands Exhibition at the Arup Phase 2 Gallery, Void exhibit(AAC) was the final showcase of the Adaptive Architecture & Computation course at the Bartlett2008-2009. Curated by Ruairi Glynn in consultation with Arup,  Digital Hinterlands featured various projects by the best graduates from the Architectural Association, Bartlett, Royal College of Art […]