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“0.0’0” LONGITUDE” . Project Team: Vlad Tenu & Dimos Moysiadis This project is looking at redefining the concept of the skyscraper as a metaphor, as a mean for expressing ideas and for transmitting powerful cultural messages. Strongly influenced by the location, right on the Greenwich Meridian, the main idea of the project is based on the concept […]

  The Museum of the Roman Theatre is situated on the main touristic path leading to the Sao Jorge Castle in Alfama, an area with a great medieval character within the historical centre of Lisbon. Built on top of three archeological sites containing the ancient ruins of a roman theatre, the proposed museum is creating […]

The Museum of  the Earthquake is proposed to be situated at the confluence between the main historical areas of Lisbon: Alfama – the medieval one and Baixa- the part reconstructed after the earthquake from 1755 by the famous Marques de Pombal. Inline with the theme of the earthquake, the compositional development of the building is […]

The Terom industrial complex is a very large urban area in the city of Iasi. Consisting of mostly derelict  factories and warehouses the area has a huge potential in urban regeneration terms. The aim of the project consisted in transforming radically the industrial area by creating a new layer of urban public spaces and several […]

The proposal for a sports information pavilion in Madrid is the winner of the first stage of the PLADUR Iberic Competition organized by the Uralita Group. The project has been awarded the 1st prize ‘Best architectural solution’ for the F.AU.T.L – Lisbon and went into the second stage of the competition that took place in […]