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June 2017

FORÆVA Pre-launch at World Jewelry Facets  Shanghai

FORÆVA is a new very exciting collaborative project by design duo Lana Dumitru & Vlad Tenu.Approached by Swarovski, fashion designer Lana Dumitru and architect Vlad Tenu have teamed up to reimagine tradition for the next space age. They took the folk pattern from a traditional Romanian rug and digitally re-constructed it from over 25.000 Swarovski crystals into a new kind of artefact.’ The dress was captured in an extraordinary short-film by Studioset which had its premiere on June 27 at World Jewelry Facets in Shanghai, marking the pre-launch of the project. The official launch of the dress coming soon! More info at www.foræva.com.


May – June 2017

MINI-PLEX Pops-up in Paternoster Square at LFA2017

Vlad Tenu has participated in the City Centre’s Youth Programme, an educational initiative by City Centre in collaboration with AHMM. Over the course of five workshops during May, a group of fifteen aspiring architects and engineers aged 14-19 have been given the opportunity to learn about architecture, engineering and construction as well as develop their design skills. Working with architects from AHMM, engineers from ARUP and contractors from Knight Harwood, the students had the chance to design and build an installation using  Mini-Plex – a modular assembly system conceived by Vlad Tenu.

Included in London Festival of Architecture 2017, the final installation took shape in Paternoster Square on the 2nd of June. The architects, engineers, contractors and the students worked together to assemble the temporary structure. The students have also engaged with members of the public, demonstrating them how to build with the Mini-Plex system. The pop-up structure has been a very successful addition to the square, a dynamic element  contrasting with the historical background of St Paul’s Cathedral. The structure remained there until the 23rd of June and received great responses as well as a high level of interaction with the public.


2-11 August 2016


Lecture at AA Visiting School Aarhus 2016

Vlad Tenu has been invited to be a speaker at the AA Visiting School in Aarhus Denmark. He will give a keynote lecture and engage in conversations with the students as part of the programme of the summer school between 2-11 august 2016. The list of invited speakers will also include: Andreas Klok Pedersen – BIG, Dave Reeves – ZHA CODE, Asbjørn Søndergaard – ODICO. Many thanks to Jens Pedersen and Ali Farzaneh for the invitation.


May 2015

Modular pop-up shop for DelRio London reconfigures at Revolver Trade Show Copenhagen

The sculptural feature of the modular pop-up store for DelRio London has also been re-configured at the Revolver Trade Show in Copenhagen in August 2015. Initially designed for a pop-up store in the shopping centre Le Bon Marché in Paris, the modular system proposed by Vlad Tenu for this project has opened many opportunities in rearranging and re-configuring the pop-up in various ways for future fairs and shows.

April 2015

Corolla 2.7.A at READesign China Awards Shanghai

Corolla 2.7.A has been exhibited in the reception area of the READesign China Awards, a prestigious real estate and architectural design award ceremony at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre on the 29th of March 2015. Presented by EUSight, the exhibition included a series of other pieces by Loop.Ph, Span and Rob Stuart-Smith, who has also taken part in the event as an international judge for the awards.  Organised by EUMake in collaboration with the media partner READ@China, the event included a series of talks and presentations and gathered several very important real estate developers such as Greenland Group, Vanke Shanghai Region, Powerlong Group, Shimao Group, Yanlord Land Group, Wanda Group, SOHO China or SunRiver Group.  Many thanks to the team at EUMake for the promotion and support.



April 2015

Modular pop-up shop in Le Bon Marché Paris

DelRio London has invited Vlad Tenu to design a sculptural display feature to support the presentation of their shoes at various fashion fairs and trade shows. Initiated by the opportunity of having a pop-up store in the shopping centre Le Bon Marché in Paris, the design solution was to create a modular system that could be rearranged and re-configured in various ways for different space configurations and display features.


March 2015

Cosmic Bubble at Paris Fashion Week

Vlad Tenu has been invited to create an installation for the newest Autumn/Winter 2015 collection of the brand CLON8. Entitled ‘2815’, the collection is a retro-futuristic response inspired by the desire for space exploration. In line with the collection’s sources of inspiration, the piece addresses the utopian scenario of space colonisation and the idea of a ‘wearable micro-climate’, alluding to the evolution of a space suit to a plasmatic micro-atmospheric bubble. The piece was exhibited at the Paris Fashion Week F/W 2015, in the BeNext showroom situated in Marais in Paris. Many thanks to Angelika Chilikova for the invitation.


2nd November 2014

EUSight Talks Shanghai

EUSight Talks, a thought-provoking and inspiring lecture series organised by EUSight, took place on the 2nd of November 2014 following the opening night of PROCESS exhibition at SOHO FuXing Plaza in Shanghai. Award-winnig architects and designers Ermis Adamantidis (NaNA), Isaie Bloch, Mathias Gmachl (Loop.pH), Arthur Mamou-Mani, Gilles Retsin, Richard Scott, Rob Stuart-Smith, Vlad Tenu and Marios Tsiliakos presented their ideas and projects to an audience of over 100 students and specialists in architecture and generative design from various Shanghai universities and practices. The series was introduced by EUSight Director Sheng Cheng and chaired by Vlad Tenu.


1-16 November 2014

PROCESS Exhibition opens at Fuxing Soho Shanghai

Organised by EUSight, “PROCESS. An Exhibition of Visionary Architecture and Generative Design” successfully opened on the 1st of November at Soho FuXing Plaza in Shanghai after a series of student workshops and days of intense installation work in the gallery. EUSight Director Cheng Sheng, the host of the evening, introduced curator Vlad Tenu and the nine featured architects who attended the private view to a keen audience of more than 100 visitors and a numerous crowd of press and media representatives enjoying the launch party. A great success and a inspirational curatorial journey, with a huge support from the EUMake team lead by Michelle Zeng and the assistant curator Simona Nastac. Graphics and publication: Zoe Olaru. Video: London Video Stories.


28-31 October 2014

Student workshops at Fuxing SOHO Plaza Shanghai

As part of the EUSight’s events in Shanghai preceding the  Process Exhibition launch, a series of workshops dedicated to chinese students from architecture and art universities, will take place at Fuxing SOHO Plaza, Shanghai.  The first workshop will take place on Mon 28 & Tue 29 October and will include a presentation and a tutorial session given by Vlad Tenu on his latest piece, Anemone, followed by the final component based assembly of the installation. The second workshop will introduce Alisa Andrasek and Jose Sanchez’s work Mini Bloom to students and the last workshop will be given by Mathias Gmachl from Loop.pH, on 30 & 31 October. The participating students will learn about Loop.pH’s pioneering SOL Dome Archilace Structure, fabricated from thousands of individually woven circles of composite fibre.


16 October 2014

Synthetic Nature part of Samsung launch event at the MNAC Bucharest

A selection of pieces from the Synthetic Nature collection (Nucleotida 3.7.A, Alveolata 2.4.A and Alveolata 3.7.A.) as well as MC/2 have been showcased at the MNAC, the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest as part of an event illustrating the parallels between art and technology. Organised by Samsung with the support of Galateca, the event has marked the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, within an artistic context of various inspirational manifestations of creative technology in the design and art.


September 2014

Sleep Bar 2013 wins “Best Pop-up Bar” at the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2014!

The Sleep Bar designed by Nous Design, the centre-piece and attraction for all who attended the Sleep Hotel 2013, has won the “Best Pop-up Bar” at the Restaurant & Bar Awards 2014! Having Minimal Complexity as an integral part of the composition of the pavilion, the design has just reached a new level of acclaim by winning this prestigious award. Extracts from the press release below: ‘This year’s bar, a dramatic sculptural form crafted from re-purposed washbasins, was created by a team of leading hospitality experts including interior design studio Nous Design, contractors Willmott Dixon and bathroom ceramics manufacturer Laufen Bathrooms, long-time exhibitor at Sleep. Pioneering artist Vlad Tenu created the innovative aluminium wall sculpture, while suppliers and sponsors Megaman, Interface, Tektura, Soho Myriad, Tacchini, and Ipea UK also supported the installation. Each member of the team illustrated exceptional creativity and commitment to the project.’


September 2014

MAIASTRA Exhibition in Bern

Anemone, the piece launched as part of Glimpses of Infinite Symmetry solo exhibition at Galateca, has been included in a traveling exhibition meant to itinerate in Bern and Dublin. Curated and organised by Galateca in collaboration with the Romanian Cultural Institutes in Berlin and London, MAIASTRA is an exhibition on the traditional and the contemporary in Romanian clothing, art and design. From the traditional folk blouses with their very intricate decorative patterns or ethnographic archive photography and text to various contemporary design pieces, the variety of showcased materials has made the launch of the exhibition a real success in the Yehudi Menuhin Forum in Bern.


August 2014

Curator of PROCESS,  an exhibition by EUSight Shanghai

Vlad Tenu has been invited by EUSight to curate an exhibition in Shanghai in November 2014. Supported by EUMake in collaboration with SOHO China, it is the first one of a series of promotional events in China announcing a new collaborative platform that brings together a range of European architects and designers pushing the boundaries of their fields. Entitled “PROCESS. An Exhibition of Visionary Architecture and Generative Design“, the exhibition will explore the future through revolutionary design techniques and it will feature 15 award-wining architecture & design studios and researchers: Alisa Andrasek, Isaie Bloch, Bloom (Alisa Andrasek and Jose Sanchez), Matias del Campo and Sandra Manninger, Loop.pH (Mathias Gmachl and Rachel Wingfield), Arthur Mamou-Mani, NotaNumber Architects (NaNA), Gilles Retsin, Jose Sanchez, ScanLAB Projects, Richard Scott, Robert Stuart-Smith, Marios Tsiliakos, Vlad Tenu and Daniel Widrig. The show will open on 1st November at SOHO Fuxing Plaza in Shanghai. It will be accompanied by a programme of talks, student workshops and a dedicated publication. Assistant curator: Simona Nastac. Many thanks to EUSight director Cheng Cheng for the invitation.


June 2014

Synthetic Nature at INNOVATION SUMMIT 2014

Presented by Galateca, several works from the Synthetic Nature collection have been exhibited at the Innovation Summit launched on the 3rd of June 2014 at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Bucharest. Nucleotida 3.7.A, Alveolata 2.4.A and Alveolata 3.7.A. have been showcased alongside fashion design innovative works by Parametrica [digi fab school] in a context of design thinking and brand, product or business innovation driven by inspirational presentations by various world class speakers in the field such as: Kamal Hassan(CEO Innovation 360 Institute), Florian Peter(CEO Mandalah Germany), Ionut Gaota(Windows Business Group Manager Microsoft), Harvey Wade(Director of Innovation Strategy Mindjet), Florin Paun(Deputy Director Industrial Innovation Onera).


6 – 28 February 2014

Glimpses of Infinite Symmetry exhibition at Galateca, Bucharest

Glimpses of Infinite Symmetry’ is Vlad Tenu’s latest solo exhibition that opened on the 4th of February 2014 at Galateca – a contemporary art gallery in the heart of Bucharest. This show brings together most of his previous works and prototypes, as well as a new piece designed specially for this event. The launch of the exhibition has been followed by a lecture and a Q&A session with the public, with an introduction by acclaimed architect Radu Teaca, the designer of the main gallery space. The show will be open to the public until the 8th of March 2014. Special thanks to Roxana Gibescu, the curator of the exhibition, and many thanks to everyone in the amazing team at Galateca.


21   November  2013

Minimal Complexity changes shape at Sleep Hotel 2013

Presented by Soho Myriad, Minimal Complexity has been exhibited at Sleep Hotel 2013 in London, as part of the Sleep Set Bar – exclusively designed by Nous Design. Vlad Tenu has teamed up with Soho Myriad and with Nir Gilad, the creative director of Nous, in order to re-configure and smoothly integrate the award winning structure into the pavilion’s exquisite design, by incorporating feature lighting by Megaman. *Special thanks to Petek Sketcher, Caitlin Nisos, Nir Gilad and many thanks to Kieran Legg and the team at Wilmott Dixon.

November     2013

MC/3 is now part of the permanent collection at Hugo Voeten Art Centre Belgium

MC/3 – prevously exhibited at EBienale – the International Contemporary Art Biennale within the George Enescu International Festival and Galateca in Bucharest in 2013,  is now part of the permanent exhibition of the Hugo Voeten Art Centre in Belgium. The piece is on display alongside a series of works by acclaimed international artists such as Ai Weiwei‘s ‘Fairytale – 1001 chairs’ installation.


13th September 2013

Inaugural speaker at Rising Minds, Shoreditch House London

Vlad Tenu has been the inaugural speaker of Rising Minds, a new series of morning presentations at Shoreditch House in London with a focus on entrepreneurship at the intersection of technology, business and design. Rising Minds has been started by Drew Smith, founder and former host of CreativeMornings/London and Jean-Robert Saintil founder of Saintil Communications and founder/former Editor of Chorus+Echo. Special thanks to Jean-Robert Saintil and Drew Smith for the invitation.

1st September 2013

EBienale – Contemporary Art at George Enescu Festival, Bucharest

Vlad Tenu is taking part of the EBienale –  the International Contemporary Art Biennale within the George Enescu International Festival – 21st edition. Curated by Ilina Schileru and Roxana Gibescu, the Festival’s Sculpture Garden’ gathers various art pieces and installations around the foyers of the concert halls and music venues within the Enescu Festival, between 1-28 of September 2013. MC/3 and Nucleotida_2.7.A are the two structures by Vlad Tenu part of the exhibition and situated in the foyer of the Palace Music Hall in Bucharest. Special thanks to curators Roxana Gibescu and Ilina Schileru and everyone else involved in the assembly of the pieces.


1st  of  August  2013

Honey Club Hive – Filling Station Kings Cross, London

Vlad Tenu has collaborated with Extracts London to design a new prototypical solution for an urban beehive for The Honey Club – founded by Wollf Ollins and Global Generation. In contrast to the traditional hive structure, the Honey Club Hive has been designed as a home for the bees rather than for honey farming. Following architectural design principles, the beehive is conceived as a complex double skin structure, creating opportunities for heat exchange, natural ventilation, control of condensation and water harvesting and many other conditions needed for a healthy beehive.

The prototype has been inaugurated at the Honey Club event at the KXFS. Special thanks to Juliette Somnolet and Lucia Dickman.

17th  of  July 2013

Synthetic Nature : Solo Exhibition opens – Surface Gallery, London

Synthetic Nature – Prototypical Explorations of Spatial Morphology  is the latest collection of structures designed by Vlad Tenu and it has been inaugurated as part of a solo exhibition at Surface Gallery, London. Alongside new work, the show contains previous structures including the prototype and the full scale assemblies of the award winning piece – Minimal Complexity. Curated by acclaimed architect Richard Scott, the exhibition also marks the opening of Surface – Contemporary Art & Architecture Gallery, situated in the heart of Shoreditch in London.

The show runs until the 27th of October and can be visited week days from 11am to 5pm or weekend by appointment. Address: 51 Scrutton Street, EC2A 4PJ.


04  December  2012

Lecture at the Bartlett Nexus 02 in London

Vlad Tenu will give a lecture at the Bartlett in London as part of the second event from the series entitled The Nexus Project. Organised by Jose Sanchez, the event is a remarkable initiative meant to bring together creatives from different fields such as architecture, design, engineering, programming, game design or graphic and motion design. The list of invited speakers will include: Tom Smith, Gilles Retsin and George Profenza. Special guest: Arthur Mamou Mani. Many thanks to Jose Sanchez for the invitation.

20 September  2012

MC/2* at A FEW MORE FRIENDS exhibition by Will Alsop

MC/2* will be part of A FEW MORE FRIENDS, an exhibition curated by Will Alsop. Following the success of A FEW FRIENDS in 2011, the event brings together a mix of artists, architects, designers, writers and film makers among which we could mention All Design, Jean Nouvel, Expedition or Buro Happold. The exhibition will take place at the TESTBED1 Gallery in Battersea on the 20th of September 2012 from 6 to 11pm.

September    2012

Minimal Complexity at the London Design Festival 2012

Minimal Complexity will exhibited at the London Design Festival 2012 within the second part of the International Architecture and Design Showcase organized by the British Council. Presented by the Romanian Cultural Institute in London and promoted by Hoxton Art Gallery, the piece will be showcased in the main atrium of 201 Bishopsgate at Broadgate starting the 6th  of August until the 6th of October 2012.

13 September  2012

Lecture at BIFE Conference 2012

Vlad Tenu will give a lecture at the BIFE 2012 Conference that will take place on the 13th-14th of September in Bucharest. Under the theme ‘Design – concept of living’, the conference gathers architects, designers and furniture manufacturers or retailers in order to engage in debates on innovation in contemporary furniture design. Speakers include : Camelia Sucu, Mircea Tibuleac, Henrik Schulz, Karl Malmvall and Ronen Kadushin.

20th of  April   2012

Minimal Complexity at the London Festival of Architecture  2012

Minimal Complexity will be exhibited at the London Festival of Architecture as part of the 2012 International Architecture and Design Showcase organized by the British Council in collaboration with The Architecture Foundation, NLA and RIBA London. Presented by the Romanian Cultural Institute in London, the exhibition and related events will take place in the main atrium of the Granary Building at the Central Saint Martin’s College in Kings Cross from the 25th of June until the 4th of August 2012.

22nd of March  2012

Minimal Complexity receives AIA Houston Design Award for ‘Divine Detail’

Vlad Tenu and TEX-FAB have been awarded an AIA Houston Design Award for “Divine Detail”. The American Institute of Architects (AIA) Houston has announced the winning projects for the 2012 Architecture Design Awards at a cocktail reception on the 22nd of March. MINIMAL COMPLEXITY has been selected by a panel of internationally recognized architects and chief editors of respected architecture magazines that have gathered to choose the best of new Houston architecture from among 127 entries. Eligibility was limited to projects completed within the last five years and located within the Houston metropolitan area or designed by an architect working in the Houston metropolitan area. The jury including Craig Scott (IWAMOTO SCOTT), Suzan S. Szenasy (METROPOLIS Magazine) and John Pickard (Pickard Chilton) selected 21 projects in eight categories to receive awards.


October    2011

Member of the jury for the Tex-Fab 3.0 Competition 2012

Vlad Tenu will be a member of the Jury for the second stage of the competition APPLIED: Research Through Fabrication, launched by Tex-Fab. The first stage will finalize with an exhibition as part of the Tex-Fab 3.0 Event in San Antonio in April 2012 and 4 projects will be selected for further design development in order to be exhibited and judged in October 18-21 at the ACADIA 2012 in San Francisco. During the conference, the second stage jury will announce the winner and his final winning entry will be built for the 4th annual Tex-Fab event in Dallas.

The first round of the jury  :  Gil Akos and Ronnie Parsons (STUDIO MODE) , Billie Faircloth (KIERAN TIMBERLAKE), Jonathan Mallie (SHoP CONSTRUCTION) and Jason Vollen(CASE/ Center for Architecture Scince and Ecology)

The second round of the jury:  Nader Tehrani (NADAA) – Head of Jury, Andrew Kuddles (MATSYS DESIGN), Neri Oxman (Neri Oxman) and Vlad Tenu.



27th of  July   2011

Lecture at the Architectural Association in London

Vlad Tenu gave a lecture at the Architectural Association in London, as part of the AA Summer DLab programme. Besides the studio’s experiments in integrating digital tools and rapid prototyping into the design development, the series of lectures has illustrated the work of professionals from London’s leading offices in the area of digital design and fabrication techniques. Many thanks to Elif Erdine for the invitation.

15 – 16  April  2011

Fabricate Conference London

On the 15th and 16th of April, Vlad Tenu has attended FABRICATE 2011 Conference in London and has been part of the ‘FABRICATE: Making Digital Architecture’ publication with the project entitled Minimal Complexity. The publication illustrates 32 case studies of academic and professional projects involving the latest digital manufacturing methods and processes. Research work from famous institutions such as the AA, Bartlett, MIT, Harvard and Delft is presented along with ongoing or completed projects from leading practices including Zaha Hadid Architects, Foster and Partners, Arup, Buro Happold, Amanda Levete Architects and Ron Arad Associates.



11  February  2011

Lecture at the University of Houston

Vlad Tenu has given a lecture at the Gerald D Hines College of Architecture at the University of Houston, as part of the TEX-FAB 2.0 event. Opened with a keynote lecture by Branko Kolarevic, the list of invited speakers included L. William Zahner, Ceo & President of ZAHNER®, Patrick Hood-Daniel of BuildYourOwnCNC.com  and  MetaLab directors Joe Meppelink and Andrew Vrana.


10  February  2011

TEX-FAB 2.0 and REPEAT Exhibition

TEX-FAB 2.0 began successfully at the Gerald D Hines College of Architecture with the series of lectures and with the exhibition opening with drinks and discussions. Workshops lead by instructors such as Marc Fornes of Theverymany, Chris Lasch of Aranda / Lasch or Gil Akos and Ronnie Parsons of Studio Mode followed on the weekend. Having Minimal Complexity as a center piece together with a very impressive collection of posters illustrating the proposals of the runners-up of the competition and the other participants, the exhibition will be open for more than three months in the atrium of the building designed by Phillip Johnson.


18 November 2010

Repeat Competition Winner

Vlad Tenu is the winner of the TEX-FAB REPEAT Digital Fabrication Competition. MINIMAL COMPLEXITY  has been chosen from a total of 73 entries representing 18 countries on 5 continents. A distinguished jury consisting of Patrick Shumacher, Mark Fornes, Lisa Iwamoto, Chris Lash and Blair Satterfield selected 1 winner, 4 runners-up and 7 honorable mentions. The project will be built for the TEX-FAB Event in Houston, Texas in February 2011.



21-24 October 2010

ACADIA 2010 Conference New York


Vlad Tenu has presented the paper entitled ‘Minimal Surfaces as Self-Organizing Systems’ in the Great Hall Auditorium of the Cooper Union in New York, as part of the ‘Influence – peer reviewed session’ of the ACADIA 2010 Conference. Having ‘LIFE in:formation’ as a theme, the conference has focused on the phenomenon of the  integration of information technologies in the discipline of architecture with emphasis on the changing nature of information and its impact on architectural education, research and practice. Within the series of various debates and discussions with the audience, Vlad Tenu has been part of a round table discussion including Mohamed Sharif, Michael Young , Alessandra Ponte , Alberto T. Estevez, Nicholas de Monchaux, Michael Beaman, Scott Crawford and Thomasz Jaskievicz.